Software Development
Bespoke software, database and app development, helping businesses grow through innovative digital systems.

Bespoke Software Development

Ndevr provide a bespoke software development process, focused on delivering the right software to help your business grow and make the most of opportunities available in a 24/7 digital world. Our decades of experience means we have the ability to scope and define highly complex problems, producing reliable solutions as classic software or firmware.

Using the latest technologies we create software that will fit into your business perfectly, increasing your productivity as well as your ROI. Our professionals have experience in developing for IoT (Internet of Things) devices, database modelling and development, as well as standalone pieces of dedicated software.

Microsoft Certified
Amazon Web Services

Stages of Software Development


  • Ndevr will not only research potential software solutions but also your organisation and the problem itself.
  • The Ndevr team have experience with simple and highly complex problems, covering all aspects of engineering and technology so are never phased by client requests.
  • Your needs will be analysed to ensure any work carried out will actually solve your problem.


  • The project will be thoroughly scoped to ensure proper goals are set.
  • Specifications of the project will be clear and understandable, ensuring your needs are met.

Define & Design

  • Ndevr will design an architecture using the latest technologies, ensuring longevity, and a system that can easily be maintained.
  • Ndevr are technology agnostic so we use the right technology for you, rather than the right technology for us.
  • Your requirements are carefully noted, workflows are mapped out and decisions are made on database structure and type.


  • Ndevr work on an Agile basis, breaking the development into smaller stages, planning adaptively and developing with an evolutionary mindset.
  • Development is carried out by our team of highly experienced developers who have a vast array of knowledge covering many technology stacks.
  • Product testing is high on our agenda, we test at all stages throughout the process.

Implementation & Training

  • We will train you and your users on the system that is implemented.
  • We will ensure your current systems communicate with any new software effectively and safely.
  • Implementation will be fine tuned for hosting on AWS, Azure or any suitable platform.


  • Once the software has been built and installed ongoing maintenance can also be provided.
  • Software updates, enrichment and compatibility analysis to ensure the continued smooth running of your systems.
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