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Master Data Management Solutions in Healthcare

The provision of non-disruptive and dependable healthcare service is dependent on accurate, complete and timely Patient data. Offering appropriate treatment, in critical environments, to individual patients with individual needs, requires a complete and holistic view of information allowing professional staff to operate efficiently whilst managing cost more effectively. Utilising data effectively extends beyond patient data in the healthcare sector; many data-dependant sources which rely on accurate and efficient data management can benefit from working with the Ndevr team.


The challenge of integrating, aggregating and presenting years of disparate and complex data is a major issue, coupled with incomplete and redundant data leads to major problems in the presentation and analysis of information. Trying to resolve this conundrum has a major impact on resources due to a lack of oversight of all data across different source systems and departments.

With complicated, high volume data sets developing standard processes is challenging and costly. Turning disparate system data into goals requires detailed data modelling and development of end user tools which are simple and easy to use. That’s where Ndevr solutions come into play.

We Will Help You To

  • Link patient records and eliminate duplicate or redundant patient data
  • Eliminate inaccuracies across systems
  • Validate patient identities for improved service
  • Improve electronic health record systems and facilitate ease of migration
  • Optimise Health Analytics
  • Reduce operational inefficiencies and wastage

Ndevr Healthcare Solutions

The Ndevr approach focuses on minimal disruption to business operation whilst implementing in a timely manner. Ndevr help you get on top of multiple, unruly data sources to drive improved operational efficiency. We offer a partner approach to system design, modelling, build and ongoing support and focus on ensuring your staff are fully engaged in the data model design phase and throughout the implementation process.

Our process is focused on matching errors and duplicate record rates are addressed and eliminated. We transform your data process to optimise the efficiency and effectiveness of your patient and internal services.

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