Business Transformation

Integrating Data, Systems and Technology

The effective operational performance of your business and delivering the very best customer experience is achieved through a coherent data management strategy. The schema below shows the ability to take disparate data from multiple sources to create a ‘single’ data warehouse using our Generic Entity Relationship Model (GERM) database technology. 

Faster, cost effective and flexible GERM technology allows for much lower cost of deployment and development to build the personal and customised applications you need to run your business and provide accurate and timely information to your customers.


Connectivity to the evolving Internet of Things (IoT) sensor technology and AWS IoT services layer for an integrated, seamless and single management view on equipment performance with automated alert/alarm notification.


Capturing data directly from physical equipment or at a PLC level or via third party API's to create a single acquired and integrated approach to building a holistic database and presentation layer. Includes, BMS, HVAC, IoT and corporate system platforms.


A monitoring, management and reporting module for environmental data collection for a range of third party solutions either wired or wireless. A bi-directional gateway solution with integrated wireless sensors for temperature, humidity, light levels and door open/shut monitoring.

GERM Database

In house designed database solution, highly scalable, easy to configure and support, low cost of ownership with feature rich functionality such as full data forensics, full data rollback, multi lingual and multi data table management.


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API integration which allows for any collected data to be seamlessly passed to any other application.


Third party system or intelligent power distribution units with database and/or API/gateway capability to extrapolate energy performance data to map energy distribution within a facility, area or physical asset.


Building Management System used for monitoring and control of physical assets with interfaces, typically API or third party gateway providing capability to extrapolate performance, alarm and management data.
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