Business Optimisation

Aligning People, Process and Technology

Working with individual stakeholders we work to align people, process, procedure and technology to drive improvements to operational efficiency and enhance the end customer experience. Having built several internal and customer facing portals we integrate and aggregate disparate data sources providing internal and external users with a more holistic and seamless way of conducting business.


We provide a more integrated approach to making best use of the disparate data which exists across multiple platforms efficiently and cost effectively. Our expertise in building appropriate data models, software development and technology enablement offers a shift change to way you efficiently operate and provide services to your customers.

Our Services

To offer advice utilising our experience, skills and research capability in order to build a plan around the use of your data and how this fits with respect to governance, security and digital strategy.
Aligning your digital requirements and future growth plans around the way you do business today and the way you want to do business in the future.
Via Observation, audits, assessments and research to identify the appropriate integration, aggregation and presentation of seamless data to both internal and external stakeholders.
In depth review of all data sources and destinations providing a low cost highly scalable integrated digital strategy encompassing aggregation, integration and presentation of all data, including where appropriate Cloud network and IT requirements.
Working with in-house teams, third party providers and Ndevr staff to mutually design, develop and implement digital strategy based on the comprehensive understanding of data, people and process.
Working with in-house teams and third-party providers to provide seamless implementation of the integration, aggregation and presentation of your data and all associated communication requirements.
Post discovery, analysis, preparation and implementation Ndevr will design and implement the appropriate support services, for any given solution.
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