What We Do
Striving to connect people, assets and customers through realising the true value of the data within your business and enabling your digital presence in the digital world. Experts in data collection, aggregation and presentation services focused on improving operational efficiency, reducing cost and enhancing your customers experience.

Our Services

The services Ndevr provide are focused on a desire to inspire and motivate change through a people centric approach to Master Data Management and Big Data management. Data is the enabler to allow you to implement and drive change through better quality data management. We help businesses overcome and bridge the gap between data perception and data reality.

We focus on addressing any challenge you may have in using data to improve operational performance, reduce cost and improve your customers experience. We support the creation of a business first mindset where we focus on your business not just your data. We provide numerous touch points through the discovery, design and implementation phases as we work with you to resolve business issues or improve the way you offer services to internal and external stakeholders. 

Our breadth of expertise has helped develop enhanced Risk Management, Asset Management, Energy and Environmental Management and Operational Waste Management solutions across a number of Global businesses.

Our approach is to review the entire business process, identify areas for improvement/automation, keep ideas simple and manageable and recognise no one size fits all.

Please have a look at some examples of projects we have been engaged with.


  • Open Source development strategy; customisation to suit business process and procedure; Cloud Based platform.​


  • API flexibility and design to connect to legacy ecosystem requirements​
  • Cloud based technology expertise for reduced cost and improved IT performance​


  • Design and build to align to customer driven technology roadmap​
  • Flexibility, Adaptability, Data Integration, Aggregation and Presentation​


  • Ease of Use with full data forensics and full data rollback​
  • Highly scalable, robust, resilient and flexible database core​
  • Fine tuning for hosting in AWS​
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