Generic Entity Relationship Model (GERM)

GERM the art of continuous delivery

Generic Entity Relationship Model (GERM)

Traditional systems require lots of developers to write lots of code. They enter dark rooms for weeks if not months with a system design based on an initial understanding of end user requirements. Then they get actual data which is much different and the journey starts again through redesign, time consuming, expensive and very frustrating.

A Database

(Generic Entity Relationship Model)

Full Data Forensics

Full Data Rollback


Data can Reside in Multiple Tables

Ndevr’s GERM platform will allow for design and development on the fly. A comprehensive library of components and elements are used to replace writing code. The multitude of systems today are different because each data architect is different. Every piece of code is different so therefore every application is bespoke.  It is this traditional approach which leads to a lack of seamless presentation of data. It is slow and cumbersome, inflexible and expensive. GERM replaces this approach allowing for flexible rapid design and development of the application and service layer.

GERM removes the need for structure defined data sets by providing a universal data model on which applications can be built. It can easily accommodate the replacement and integration of the multitude of client spreadsheets and lead to more rapid development and deployment. The data volume issues are removed for larger scale applications through utilising cloud based serverless technology.

The Ndevr GERM solution creates a highly flexible responsive scalable database infrastructure not seen with traditional database design methodologies. It creates a production line approach to cost effective, flexible, easy to deploy development at significantly reduced cost. It is easily aligned to business process, procedure and end customer need providing true business intelligence around Master Data Management, Product Information Management and Operational Performance Data Management.

GERM offers an integrated development toolkit making the design of application features much quicker and with greater flexibility. It offers feature rich functionality where records can coexist in multiple tables and views, offers graphical data mining, comprehensive data forensics, multi lingual capability with add/change/delete audit trails for ongoing accuracy of data and management of data

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