NDEVR believe that for organisations to survive and thrive in the future they will need to integrate Information and Communication Technologies, data and information, their business methods, functions and personnel into one harmonised and seamless Information Ecosystem.

Our view is that digital technologies and the data and information they provide are key to successful Organisations, to the extent that all Organisations need to become digital Organisations with disciplines in the market they wish to engage.

Many Organisations are doing this already to a greater or lesser degree and are accruing benefits accordingly.

Tomorrow, every organisation will have to do so!

NDEVR’s mission is to assist, steer and deliver this integration for your organisation.


To aid successful organisations to become more successful by:

  • Empowering Entrepreneurs, Executives, Managers and Administrators.

  • Optimising Information Ecosystem strategies.

  • Optimising Information Ecosystem performance.


  • We develop software and hardware Solutions to optimise digital infrastructures to realise and achieve full potential.

  • We provide Assessment, Support and Assistance in the evolving ambiguity of modern global business.

  • We challenge current perceptions and certainties to enable fresh and innovative thought.


  • Data Science
  • Business Analysis
  • Solution:
    • Design
    • Development
    • Delivery
    • Support
  • Systems Integration
  • Consultancy
  • Thought Leadership


The NDEVR team is built upon 'personnel' whose careers have spanned the ICT epoch at the 'coal face' of many organisations. This experience lived over many decades has given them insight that cannot be acquired from books, lectures or seminars.

We can propel you into the future!


To work collaboratively with partners and clients in a sustainable, transparent and effective manner.



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